postheadericon The Top 10 Most Popular Theme Weddings

You have the ring on your hand and you have set the day – you are getting married! No doubt you might be likely excited, nervous and a little bit apprehensive. However , now the big decisions come in and you have to begin to decide on the most crucial elements of your big day, starting with the theme. Selecting the right theme for your big day can be as challenging as finding your perfect dress; however , reviewing some of the most popular wedding themes right now might be able to help you make your decision.

Number 10: The Woodland Wedding

One of the greatest wedding themes that is being used this year is natural and rustic along with accents that are sophisticated and glam. This may include centerpieces that are eco-friendly and branchy, with a number of lush flowers with a pop of shimmer with a faux fur or sequin table overlay. The fashion seen in these weddings typically includes long gowns and veils with lace and floral embellishments. The dresses your bridesmaids wear can mimic yours with mismatched dresses and loose braids for their hair do. Various other small touches you may want to include are flower crowns.

Number nine: The Fairy Tale Wedding

Have you been dreaming of the perfect, fairy tale wedding since your childhood? Have you had your attention on various tiaras, dreaming of the morning you would walk down the aisle with your prince charming? The good news is that you don’ t have to actually be royalty to be able to feel like a princess on your big day. For your dress, go big, with a full skirt and long veil. You could be extravagant with the food too, including a top-tier plated meal as well as a huge chocolate fountain, with of course the cake that is as tall as the ceiling.

Number 6: Vintage Wedding

If you have decided to go with a vintage wedding theme, after that lace is a must have. Search for a gown that implements lace with a bit of a modern twist and stick to a far more muted palette of colors such as gold, rose, slate grey and ivory, which are all pretty and gentle. For the decor, you can select special chandeliers and billowy fabric to produce a type of faux canopy above the reception area. Also, mix your covered chairs with natural, wood chairs. You can also extend this classic theme to the food that you function. For example , use vintage bottles and fresh lemonade and fruit.

Number 7: A Relaxed Seaside Ceremony

If you are not interested in the latest trends and styles, and just want to relax on your big day while you have a good time, you should consider heading to the beach. A beach wedding is extremely popular for any few and almost ensures that everyone will have a lot of fun. The fact is that there is nothing that can match up saying “ I do” with your feet in the surf and sand. You can even make it completely casual with your bridesmaids either bare feet or in flip flops, with short dresses and skirts. Once the wedding ceremony is over, you can gather around a fire bowl with your guests for an oyster roast, or visit a beach front club regarding dancing and drinks.

Amount 6: An Ethnic Wedding

Multicultural and ethnic weddings are about embracing your traditions, family members, culture and color. If you select this type of event, select rich fabrics, jewelry and beautiful fashion, which is what will help to bring your event to life. An element that is key to this type of wedding is the lighting that you simply select. Try using bright and solid lighting for your decor and innovative centerpieces. You may also want to consider employing musicians and dancers to play music and traditional dances from your historical past.

Number 5: An Extreme Wedding

Are you and your fiance the kind of individuals who love extreme sports, such as throwing themselves out of a airplane for fun? When you spend time alone with your loved one, does it usually include skis, a helicopter or scuba equipment? If this sounds like you, you may want to think about ditching a traditional wedding and make the event as extreme as you and your love.

Although it is not too likely that the rest of your wedding party will want to get in a hot air balloon with you, or hike up a mountain to hear you state “ I do, ” you can program an indoor wedding reception that will provide your part and guests with a little taste of what you did. For example , if you are planning an underwater ceremony, you can host your reception at an aquarium.

Number 4: A Seasonal Wedding

If you would like to host a vintage wedding, that is not too outlandish or pricey, then consider celebrating for the current season. For a summer or spring wedding, chose flirty and short dresses in a vibrant or pastel color and be sure that you incorporate many seasonal flowers within the centerpieces and bouquets. In fact , nothing will say spring quite like a bouquet of daises, tulips or sunflowers. You should try to plan for the reception and the ceremony to be held in an outside venue that is filled with sunlight and life.

If you have decided to get married in the fall, you can play in the colors that are seen during collect time, such as crimson and chocolate brown. Additionally , you can incorporate seasonal embellishments with wheatgrass flower arrangements, pears and gourds.

Number 3: A Macabre Marriage

When the idea of a large white dress as well as a super sweet cake does not constitute your dream wedding, then you may find several inspiration thinking outside of the box. Although it may seem a bit creepy to some others to exchange your vows in the midst of stylized skulls and carved pumpkins, in case you are a bit creative and have a wicked sense of humor, then the macabre themed wedding ceremony may be fun and festive. Do you love the Mexican day of the dead or Halloween? If so, this may be a theme that suits you perfectly.

Try to plan this wedding late in October or in the early part of November so you can correspond with all the annual events.

Number two: The Valentine’ s Day Wedding

While a Valentine’ s i9000 Day wedding may be a bit saying, it is also extremely romantic. Plus, this will make it quite easy to ensure your darling remembers the anniversary date. In case Valentine’ s Day happens to drop on a weekday you may be in store to get a smaller guest list; however , this will give you some wiggle room with all the budget to make it a much more intimate and romantic affair.

Number 1: A Completely Traditional Ceremony

A good old-fashioned and traditional wedding continues to be one of the most popular themes that is used nowadays. This is when the bride is going to wear a traditional white gown and the bridegroom will be in a full tux. In addition , the ceremony will be held in a synagogue or church and presided more than by some religious official.

The fact is that this is your big day and you should create the wedding of your dreams. These are some great ideas to help you get started.

postheadericon Right Makeup For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is perhaps the one of the most important day of your life where you want to look your absolute best. So regardless of whether you choose to hire a makeup designer who help you to find and highlight your best assets or making it your personal. It’ s important you look natural, gorgeous and graceful at the wedding day and your features highlights in the best way which make you feel more confident and comfortable. Applying makeup for your special day is equally as important as wearing a developer wedding dress or designing your wedding invites. So here are some fundamentals for great make-up.

  • Should you have a healthier skin, then you don’ t need to apply much make-up. Your first priority is to make the skin exfoliate and hydrate so that you look more natural on your wedding day.
  • The right way to do makeup would be to spread moisturizer on your face 1st otherwise your concealer and base will glide on smoothly rather than settling into your fine lines.
  • First apply concealer by using a concealer brush to the spots underneath the eye, on the chin and pay attention to the red areas around the nose. Once you have applied concealer, you won’ big t need to apply much foundation.
  • Choose to apply foundation towards the area where you have an uneven complexion and try to pick a proper color that get matched to your complexion.
  • Apply blush on the pears of your cheeks, first choose the color. Generally fair skin looks great in rose, olive in bronze or orangey peach & dusky in apricot. When applying, combine it with cream or powder (depends on your skin type), it helps your blush to stay longer.
  • If your base is set, after that start playing with your eyes by applying eyeliner to lids. There are various methods to apply liner with different types like liquid liner for the basic vision, pencil liner for cat vision, brush liner for smoky vision and much more. You can choose any one according to your taste.
  • After that apply eyeshadow, start with a light color that almost matches your lid. It’ s great to use atmost three-toned shadow and build it from lids to your browbone. Stick to with a lighter color across your lid to the darker contouring shadow in the crease. Blend the color properly as it will create a more natural and cohesive look.
  • Then Curl your lashes by utilizing an eyelash curler and use mascara by moving quickly the particular wand from the roots of your lashes to the ends. Ø And finally, emphasize your lips by applying lipstick and become sure to choose the color that get matched with your eye makeup and the outfit. If you want to wear bold shade lipstick, keep the rest of your makeup gentle and if you are playing up with your eyes, then keep the lip color lighter or simply apply a shine.

Every single bride wants to look beautiful and feel her best on her big day as the day comes once in the lifetime and consider to be the most memorable and cheerful event. Whether or not you do your own makeup or hire a professional, just take the trails at least several weeks before your massive day time otherwise you may get a big surprise.

postheadericon Planning a Luxury Wedding on a Not-So-Luxury Spending budget

Tricks for Planning a Luxury Wedding on a Budget

Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you to program a luxurious wedding when you are working with a small budget:

  • Keep your guest list small and also have an intimate wedding at a private estate or a home. When you have fewer guests, you will be able to spend more on each one.
  • Look for a unique and quirky venue – such as a historical place, a yacht, a museum or a zoo. It might not cost more, but it will appear to.
  • Instead of floral centerpieces, use candles instead. They will look very ornate but won’ t be as expensive.
  • Have a cocktail wedding reception with butlers in tuxedos transferring around trays of stylish horse d’ oeuvres. It seems higher end, but can cost the same as a buffet.
  • You can really create a look of luxury with your lighting too. You can use colored up-lights to give the room a dramatic look and use twinkling strands of lights or chandeliers to add to the magical atmosphere.

The idea can really help to have a professional wedding planning business, such as One Heart Wedding, to assist you plan your luxury wedding on a budget. They have produced more than 14, 000 weddings every year all over the world and they have sufficient experience, which will help you to find the best offers for your special day.

Affordable High-class Wedding Destinations

Considering a destination wedding? More couples these days are looking to have their wedding in a different location – whether they are bitten by the travel bug or they are looking for a place convenient for families from different countries.

Here are some location wedding locations that will be suitable for planning a wedding on a budget:

  • Mexico – Imagine engaged and getting married with your toes in the sand of the beautiful beach! A wedding in South america can be a lot of fun and this location offers plenty of affordable resorts, like the Royal Hideaway Playacar or the SandosCarocol in the Riviera Maya.
  • Cuba – This is another great place to celebrate a great destination wedding on a budget. Try the recently opened Iberostar Laguna Azul resort, a elegant resort that offers a superb range of facilities.
  • Dominican Republic – An affordable and gorgeous tropical environment for your dream destination wedding. The particular Majestic Elegance Resort is a great choice, as it offers excellent service and gives you the option of getting married on the beach or under the wedding gazebo.

postheadericon Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venues in Boracay

The wedding venue is just as important as the other preparations. They have to be right. The wedding venue adds a lot to the ceremony. It can make or break your wedding and that is no exaggeration. When planning for a weeding, you have to make sure that the venue is just perfect for your special day time. This means that it has to blend in with the other aspects of the whole event. The kind of venue you get will depend on what sort of style you have for the special day. For instance, are you planning for a ball room wedding? Would you like a beach wedding? Or are you looking for something simple yet stylish. These types of preferences will determine the wedding location.

Acquiring just the venue you are looking for can be quite challenging. It is one of those things that really emphasize a wedding planner and the bride to be. When selecting a wedding venue, you have to make sure everything is taken into consideration. Get a place that is accessible to your guests. Opt for the weather. You wouldn’ t want your guests to stand in the rain or suffer from heat heart stroke.

The Philippines is a good place to start looking. Boracay, to be exact can be the perfect place for your wedding venue. The beautiful beaches are just perfect for that passionate feeling and that toes in the sand wedding experience. Get that picture perfect venue with the expansive shoreline. From Baling Hai beach in order to Puka beach to the White Beach, you really are spoilt for selection. All you have to do is find the perfect place for you.

The beach is suitable to have an evening wedding or a summer one particular. The good thing about the beach is that individuals have a chance to enjoy an array of other activities around. They can kite surf, go diving or just enjoy a nice swim. If you want your venue at a hotel, there is a choice of those too. There are so many stylish hotels to select from. You can get five star major resorts that offer all the facilities. You can also get beach fronts resorts if you want a mixture of the two.

The options when it comes to Boracay wedding location are really endless. You can always talk to the locals and find out which is the best someone to use. There is nothing like first hand information to help you along with your decision.

postheadericon Benefits of Matrimonial Sites – The Stunning Way to Get Married

Relationships are made in heaven; it is among the beautiful thought to get married. We have heard several times that marriages are made in heaven, but it is true, but the young couples have to meet on the earth with the partner. There are many jokes that are produced on marriage, but apart from relationship it is essential to know each other very well and become soul mates.

It was time where people have a long to search a life partner, where they ask their relative plus friends to find the perfect partner for that bride or groom. However , info is changed according to time there are many reputed and renowned matrimony websites in India, that help individual to come closer and become a perfect wife forever. According to technology now, bride and groom take their own decision to select their particular soul mate as per their choice.

There are many marriage sites in India who provides opportunity to the person to get registered along with just few steps and research their partner under a roof. You do not have to search and waste time and cash to search a perfect partner for you, using matrimony websites you have plenty of choices to choose according to your likes and dislikes. In the initial times, you can date with one another and come to know about each other, what another person thinks about you, what are his or her likes and dislikes, about each other personal and also professional life and many questions which comes in your mind, which is quite difficult to learn before any traditional ritual consist of marriages.

India is number one in matrimonial websites, they offer plenty of opportunities to the user to know about the other profile. There are many websites that are free of cost, and there are few sites who take their premium and along with this they help you in looking the best one for you. You have the choice you can choose according to caste, religion, city, as per your profession, and so forth After going through other profile you can communicate with each other and come closer, the same process can be selected by another side also. Once the individuals start responding and taking desire for you, you can think further to lead your beautiful life with lots of exhilaration and fun. By all these, you have freedom and opportunity to select your daily life partner.

postheadericon Wedding ceremony Receptions and Ceremonies

Absolutely nothing compounds or exalts weddings possibly more than these two events. Receptions plus Ceremonies are the bedrock events to good and well planned wedding ceremonies.


Absolutely nothing compounds or exalts weddings possibly more than these two events. Receptions plus Ceremonies are the bedrock events to good and well planned wedding ceremonies.

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postheadericon Wedding Breakfast Seating Plans

This article aims to reduce the strain of creating your wedding table layout. Having to organise seating arrangements in advance is essentially inevitable so here are some hints and tips to assist you.

Let’ t begin with the wedding party’ s table. Generally the layout is: – the bride and groom seated centrally, with the bride’ s mother and father placed around them, then the grooms mother and father placed next to them and finally the head bridesmaid and bestman on the far ends of the table. Traditionally the seating strategy will also alternate between men and women etc .

It is possible you will also be accommodating stepparents from possibly side, or indeed both. A few possible solutions are displayed beneath.

Bride’ s mother and father are remarried.

Bride’ s Stepfather- Head Bridesmaid – Groom’ s Father – Bride’ s Mother – Groom – Bride – Bride’ s Dad – Groom’ s Mother – Bestman – Bride’ s Stepmother

Groom’ s mother and father are remarried.

Bestman – Groom’ s Stepmother – Groom’ s Father – Bride’ s Mother – Groom – Bride – Bride’ s Dad – Groom’ s Mother – Groom’ s Stepfather – Mind Bridesmaid

Naturally not all tables will be able to accommodate these solutions and it is entirely possible that there could be the additional issue of both units of parents having remarried. If this is the case then a possible alternative would be to only include the couple’ t parents, and to seat any stage relatives on a separate table. In some instances, however , this may not be possible without causing offense, in which case it may be preferable to include only the bridal party itself on the table, and to have a separate table for the rest of the group. Another potential situation that could affect the seating plan would be any kind of children of the bride, groom, or both. If you have chosen to seat these you then it may be preferable to seat them either side of yourselves, offering this does not lead to too crowded a table

Having arranged the top table it is necessary to seat the remainder of the guests. A useful method of doing this is to begin by making lists of interpersonal groups and who is included in each one. Any remaining guests who never belong to any of these groups should be positioned with others who they are likely to combine well with. You should avoid arranging any tables where it is likely that he guests will not work well together. Additionally it is unwise to attempt matchmaking; this is more likely to discomfort people, who will be more compared to aware of your intentions and are more likely to resent it. Those who are likely to hit it off will do so without being set up!

Another concept to be avoided is the separation of friendship groups, or partners. Even though it is tempting to encourage new most people will prefer to catch up with existing close friends, who they may not get a chance to notice as often as they would prefer. It is not likely that anyone will thank you for separating them when they have been looking forward to conference up. In addition to this, try not to seat all of your single friends on the same table, but instead spread them around the room. Make sure to allow for those who require access to bathing rooms or extra room, such as wheelchairs or baby seats.

Traditionally seating programs within a table alternate by sex, but you should not spend too much time worrying about this if it is not feasible. Generally you should avoid exceeding a maximum of 10 people per table; if a table has too many occupants then it will certainly impeded interaction around the entire table.

The most crucial of your family and friends ought to be placed on the tables in the closest proximity in order to yourselves. People are likely to take criminal offense if you don’ t observe this tradition. You ought, however , to avoid numbering your tables for fear of over highlighting your chosen order. You will be better off naming your dining tables instead. Generally table names tend to be designed to suit the overall theme, or to reflect the bride and groom’ s personalities. Places which you have visited as a couple can be good, as are features of your upcoming honeymoon.

It is important to have the ability to the necessary details regarding your venue before beginning seating plans. Prior knowledge of table size and any variations within this can be invaluable if you are not to place not enough or too many people on any one table. It is also advisable to find out whether the table layouts in a room may be subject to change if you so wish and when there are any existing plans which you can work from. As plans possess a way of changing right up until the last probable moment it may be wise to avoid arranging seating plans for as long as you can.

You should ensure that no one has been placed on a table on which they don’ t know a single other person. Also be careful not to arrange any tables where you know that certain people are likely never to get on. Avoid having any table full of those who you couldn’ to seat elsewhere. Work to incorporate them to at least some extent, instead of simply leaving them on the sole remaining table.

If you find that you are struggling to find time to organize a detailed seating plan then there is absolutely no reason not to simply arrange dining tables and then allow people to sit exactly where they like within this.

An important final point is to avoid sharing your strategy once it is completed. It is more important that you are satisfied with your plan that that anyone else is, and you should avoid changing your plan according to their particular preferences unless you feel that their concept is truly preferable to your own.

postheadericon Theme Wedding – The Latest Marriage Development!

Weddings have always been the lavish affair in India. Intricate preparations, sumptuous fare, decorations, never ending guest list, lightening, bridal jewelry etc . All this amalgamation adds up to a large fat Indian wedding.

But the scenario is promoting a bit in the recent years, instead of just the cliche preparations, people like stylizing the whole affair a bit differently, like planning on a theme. This change within the recent years has indeed added an entire new meaning to wedding scenario in India.

So how does one start theme planning? For starts theme planning is not a very easy work. You had better have a wedding planner take over the responsibility than you plan it your self. When setting on a theme to have an occasion, one needs to abide along with every intricate detail to make it a success. As this is a new found concept the majority of again may not be aware of how to start with the preparation or from where to order the essentials. This is when a wedding planner is well resorted to. All you might know is that something known as theme wedding exist as you have lately attended one and enjoyed it, hence want to plan exactly the same for your own wedding.

Detailed below you will find a few aspects associated with a themed wedding to think about when planning such an event. The tips are especially helpful for those who plan to carry out the bulk of preparation themselves.

Invitations and dress code:

Supposed you have planned on a theme like historical wedding (Medieval or even Renaissance-inspired weddings) or something as modern as a Hawaiian wedding, you need to strictly make it clear to your guest which they adhere to the dress code as mentioned within the card. You should alert family and friend right from before either through invitation credit card or through a call that they ought to wear the particular dress mention, for this you need to inform them quite early so that they have ample time to wear clothes code outlined. You can even try out the parchment style invitation in case you are planning a historical themed wedding; this adds weight-age to the rule. The more overstated it be the better. Keeping to the occasion is after all what you would want to have.


This is the most essential to a theme wedding. You definitely have to stress over the decoration aspect if you want to make the venue look the occasion. It is through the decorations that the atmosphere of a themed wedding is laid out. Everything from the sitting area, catering area, the venue, lights, dresses etc . need the detailing to ensure that the place produces the feel. The music arrangement as well should complement the occasion. Every thing means everything.


Depending on the theme, foods may range from a banquet-style set up to appetizers and desserts molded into shapes that correspond with all the main idea. Not just this, the food area should be well decorated as well and must be made to look a good alluring affair. After all the dance and revelry this is the hub where all jump to, so much better be ready to please with a sumptuous affair!

postheadericon Brighten My Life Like A Sunflower

Brighten My Life like a Sunflower

When I look into your eyes, I see golden sun,

I never doubted, I knew you were one,

Like bright, cheery sunflowers,

You light up the day,

I feel your warmth, and invite you to stay…

The sunflower is an amazing plant with a rich history plus warm symbolic meaning. The sunflower originates from Northern America. As wild flowers they grew through plains and meadows. History has discovered they were a domesticated plant as far back as 3000BC in the areas of Arizona and New Mexico, even before corn. The United states Indians made took full advantage of their valuable resources by eating them several different ways. One way they used sunflowers was by grounding or pounding them into flour for cakes, mush, or breads. The Indians also took the sunflower seeds and mixed these meal, vegetables, beans, squash, plus corn, adding a tasty treat to their meals. Sometimes the Indians just cracked the seeds plus ate them plain. Another way they used them was by blending them for their oil in making delicious tasting bread.

Not only was the sunflower consumed by the Indians, they were also utilized in making purple dye for textiles, body painting and other decorations. The sunflower was also valued for their ability to become medicine in treatment with regard to snake bites or other body ointments. The oil of the sunflower was also used for skin and tresses. The American Indians also used the dried stalks for building components making them a flower almost worshipped. They respected them so much which they were widely used in their ceremonies.

By the 1500′ s, the Spanish found all of them interesting and took them to European countries where they became ornamental and also medicinal. The oil seemed to be what the Europeans valued most. In 1716, an English patent was given for squeezing the sunflower for his or her valuable oil commodity. By the 19th century the sunflower was popular in Europe. In Russia on your own, around 2 million acres from it was being produced yearly.

Early in the 1900′ s the sunflower seed discovered its way back into the United States. By 1930 Canada also began mating sunflowers. Sunflowers have an amazing background, traveling from the US to European countries and back.

postheadericon Wedding Venue Preview

Like live shows, ballets, plays and cinema; examine and presentation are essential parts pertaining to flawless wedding receptions and wedding ceremony programs. Venue plans guide the activities around themes and order of the program.