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Making a record

Featured image Photocredit : Gustavo Cabana

I have been fortunate enough to have been a participant on the recent Head Up European Record 2017, to say it was an incredible experience would be an understatement.


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Technology and me

I grew up amidst the dawn of consumer technology. My first computer was a ZX spectrum rescued from the bin near my grandma’s house. I tried to understand coding from a few odd sheets and magazines and didn’t do that well.  My next foray into technology was a Commodore 64 that I got for Christmas…again, failing at coding but loving flimbo’s quest. I really have my parents to thank for supporting my inquisitive nature into technology.

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Why I created ksimages.com



In descending order of importance-
1) I am uncomfortable with licences associated with any media uploaded to Facebook
2) To learn something new, which closely ties in with….
3) For fun/to alleviate boredom
4) Documentation, largely for myself and what little people will ever read this 😉


Now for the long version….

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Numero uno

Given this is my first post I shall preface this with a warning of sorts- I am in no way promising a coherent narrative of any sort. It would probably be better if this section was called “The ramblings and musings of a bearded northern bloke.”I may write about certain adventures, memories and places. Perhaps I will write about my own experiences. Mostly, check the photos out. I’ll probably expand more upon exactly why I have created this website in my next post. Whether it makes any sense or not remains to be seen!

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