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The Summit County spa in Breckenridge only carries 100% certified organic oils by Aromatherapy Affiliates from London. The massage oils are made from plants and flowers combined with exotic scents. Three key ingredients used in the them are jojoba oil, vitamin E plus olive oils combined with other important oils. These help to encourage healthful skin when used in massages. Important oils are loaded with antioxidants and and even to keep your complexion youthful and your skin soft. Essential oils are a main stay at Breckenridge Spa. The scent of also relaxes your mind and eases your emotions.

The mixture of scent, antioxidants and botanicals when you have the Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience is truly the pampered experience which will have you returning again and again to the Breckenridge Spa. When you receive the Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience, your own therapist will talk to you to discover what you need both emotionally and literally. Once the therapist figures out how best to help you and what will work best for you, then your therapist will have you perform a good aroma test of the assorted oils that will be used for the massage. Out from the 12 signature oils which are employed for a Breckenridge massage, you will select the oil whose scent is the majority of pleasing to you. The combination of oils and exotic scents are therapeutic for both your body and your brain; taking you in your thoughts to locations ancient and mysterious.

After you choose your own oil selection, the therapist will start your Breckenridge massage. Using the one particular you have chosen, the massage therapist will apply pressure to point-specific areas using Swedish and neuromuscular methods. This will relieve tension in your muscles as well as cause your lymph nodes to drain. This technique will also motivate circulation as well as take away all the stress and tightness, giving you a feeling of well-being from your head to your toes. This particular type of Swedish Breckenridge massage therapy is a fusion of eastern plus western techniques, using the best of each. After your massage, it’ ersus best just to let the oils saturate into your skin so it can heal and nourish your body. It allows the work your therapist did to unwind and revive not only your mind plus body but your spirit as well.

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